The Trust mainly concentrates on rehabilitation and empowerment of poor, sick and underprivileged in the society by providing financial / educational & employment support. We support defenseless and destitute for daily livelihood, hospitalization & medical treatment, personal hygiene & sanitation and housing. Our primary mission is to improve the overall quality of human live, human relations and conditions of all individual and social groups, especially the destitute & deprived, abandoned & neglected, widows & vagrant, disabled & defenseless, poor & downtrodden, orphan & oppressed, slaves & suppressed, and all those who are under utter sorrows and extreme suffering irrespective of their cast, creed, color, religion, language, age, nativity or sex.

Free food and medicine for poor : For sick and extremely poor, we provide necessary provisionary items, nutrient food and necessary medicine on regular basis., undertake full responsibility of total care during emergency hospitalization. In emergency case, surgical and allied service support shall be provided to those who have no immediate relatives to take care or poor who have nobody to look after or destitute having no means to pay for the hospital service, other expenditures of hospitalization etc. Apart from providing financial supports, in specific situation, services of volunteers are being provided for personal care during hospitalization.

Above 90% patients visiting government hospitals and government medical college hospitals in the State are poorest having no means for livelihood. In many cases, they do not have enough money even for their daily food and traveling expense for their bystander. To purchase costly medicine from outside medical stores, to pay for laboratory examination, radiology charges are all seemed impossible for them; hence we provide financial support to the extremely poor for acquiring life saving drugs, other allied expenditure and cost of supplementary food in emergency situation.

In associations with club, local NGOs, SHG, and Churches, other social welfare/ community origination, medical / dental institutions, we organize multi specialty medical / dental camp , detect many disease at the early stage, monitor further detailed investigation and treatment.
Housing & educational assistance: We are assisting many sick, poor and defenseless people who have no house to stay or living in damaged house to construct new houses or repair their existing home. We are assisting poor to get government assistance for the following: Building new house up to 2.25 lakh, for the repairer of existing house, toilet construction assistance, financial support scheme for the handicapped, deaf and blind, widows, women headed family, assistance for family having single daughter, educational assistance for scheduled cast and scheduled tribe, higher education and professional education support, fee reimbursement and pocket money allowances scheme of both state and central government., free education for SC for professional course like MBBS, BDS, BSc – Nursing, B Pharm, BVSc, BHMS, BAMS, BTECH. etc Free entrance coaching scheme of State Government for Scheduled Cast students for IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS Preliminary course etc.

The Trust provide assistance for getting admission and considerable financial support to pursue higher studies for extremely brilliant students especially girls who are unable to join for professional and job oriented courses due to poor family background. We are assisting many students to complete course in nursing, engineering, management and NCVT courses etc. Moreover we are assisting many educated / professionals both boys and girls to get employment in India as well as abroad who are poor and low family background unable to get any employment as their own. Many families become self sufficient and they become reasonably rich due to the improved financial situation.

Environmental sanitation : Due to rapid industrialization and ever growing population, daily waste generation in our country has crossed all limits. Plastic and allied chemical waste, other sewage and organic waste such as agricultural, food , vegetable wastes, hospitals, hotels, industrial and allied waste are all pose severe threat not only to the human but to all living being both on earth and sea and to the whole environment. Our earth is soon going to be a waste bin with all pollutants factors unable to sustain for living being.

Due to inadequate legal measures, low family background, Poor standard of living, inadequate educational background on health and sanitation etc, management of municipal solid waste has become severe problem to LSGD all over the country. Unscientific disposal of liquid and solid organic waste causes an adverse impact on all components of the environment and human health. Solid wastes arise from human, industrial, commercial and animal activities that are normally discarded as useless or unwanted.

In association with leading portable Biogas Plant manufacturer in the country,{ universal Biogas } we promote biogas fuel from organic waste /food waste/and from kitchen waste. It is the most economical and eco friendly source of energy and it promote sustainable and clean environment. It help to reduce carbon and other toxic gas emission which are harmful to the human and environment and gives hope and life to all living being on earth.

Educating young generation in sustainable energy & environment

Major source of air pollution in India are burning of firewood, biomass, fuel adulteration, vehicle emission, burning of plastic and allied waste, large scale crop residue burning in agriculture field. As per WHO‘s latest report, over 100 million Indian household use kerosene stove, firewood and biomass piece for cooking. Further millions of household use traditional fuel such as dried cow dung, agriculture waste, outer layer of dried coconut, coconut shell etc. All the aforesaid form of fuel are inefficient source of energy and its burning releases high level of smock ,PAHs, NO x, SO x poly aromatics, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants. In India around 500000 people die every year due to indoor air pollution.. India is burning around 160 million ton of firewood, biomass annually for domestic purpose and it is largest in the world.

FIREWOOD, biomass cake and agriculture waste burning release over 185 million ton of combustion product in to India’s indoor and outdoor air every year. Compared to the India’s land area and less emission space the impact of air pollution is dangerous and deadly. It is estimated that during autumn and winter month, more than 600 metric ton of crop residue are burned in our country. Fuel adulteration due the high cost of petrol and diesel is also common in our country. Adulterated fuel emit more hydro carbon, carbon monoxide, oxide of nitrogen, particulate matter air toxin, which fall into unregulated emission category. The ultimate result, India is the 3rd largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world. Since our national thermal power plants are inefficient, it emit 50 -120% moreCO2 per kwh produced. Most pollutants factors are sulphur dioxide [SO2], oxide of nitrogen [NOx] suspended particulate matter [SPM]

DUE to the presence of large volume of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, global warming reached in alarming peak and which is going to be a warning signal for all inhabitants on earth. Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide vapor, chlorofluro are the major and dangerous green house gases prevailed in the atmosphere. The most harmful air pollution is PM2.5 [particulate matter containing less than 2.5 Micron] containing solid and liquid waste. The particulate are sulphates, nitrates, ammonia, sodium chloride, black carbon, mining dust etc. When the presence of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide increases, acid rain occurs, acid rain is most harmful both for human and animals and to all inhabitants on earth including those live in water. It kills even plants, destroy soil and pollute the water.

Educating new generation on diabetic – CAUSES – TREATMENT

Diabetic is spreading very fast in our country especially in Kerala due to the changing life style, food habits and the modern outlook on life.

As per latest estimate, up to 45% adults in urban areas and up to 21% adults in rural areas are suffering from diabetic in India. India is going to head the world capital of diabetic cases by 2025. Diabetic affect the eyes, feet and nervous. Due to various reasons, the production of insulin by pancreas is limited, lower or inadequate, sugar level in the blood increase which create problem for the body for regular and health functioning.

There are chances for kidney failure, lower limb, cardio vascular disease, and stroke in the later stage. Person suffering from diabetic must reduce fat, salt, sugar and increase quantity of fiber. A well balanced diet shall be able to achieve good level of health and maintain necessary weight. Physical activity reduces sugar level in the blood hence regular exercise is advised. Avoid smocking and using of liquor because it affects the insulin capacity to carry out proper insulin treatment or blood sugar monitoring.

At least once in a year consult with ophthalmologist to check diabetic retinopathy, when blood sugar rise, small blood vessels in eye are likely to get damaged, if left untreated retinopathy can eventually leads to loss of vision.

Dialysis is advised for patient suffering from End Stage Renal Disease. The major contributory reason to chronic kidney disease is diabetic and high blood pressure. Dialysis is indispensible for patient suffering from ACKD [Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease] or Kidney failure and no renal replacement is possible.

Promoting Indian system of medicine -ayurveda: In association with reputed Ayurveda pharmaceutical manufacturing company [ Madathil Pharmaceutical co ] we promote Indian System of Medical Science which never harm the body but nourishes with natural elements. Quick curing power of Allopathic medicine may suppress the symptoms of diseases at the cost of permanent injury to the human body. The sick usually have tendency to try one drug after another in their eagerness to regain the lost health. All acute disease have their own course to run, regardless of medicine but a wrong remedy is administrated the acute shall turn in to chronic eventually. Wrong medicines administrated in the body make further complication rather than providing relief.

Ayurveda is a traditional holistic medical system developed after centuries of studies and experiments. It gives nourishment to the mind, relax the body, and promote health and creativity. Its ingredients are herbals, flowers and plants, it works as curatives and preventive system, free from toxic and side effect, rejuvenate body and cure the disease naturally.


In association with Universal Biogas, Calicut, the Trust is conducting road show throughout Kerala, especially in every Civil Station, Municipality office, and Corporation office, organizing Meetings & Progamms to promote sanitation. We conduct demonstration on scientific waste management technique applicable for housing complex, hospitals, slaughter house, fish market, hotels, etc. We introduce public regarding Pot Composting, Ring Compost, Mosepit Composting, Portable Biogas Plant, Toilet linked biogas Plant, Household Portable Biogas Plant, Portable Bio bin Composting, Portable Household biobin Compost, Worm composting and Kitchen bin composting methods.