Volunteering aims to promote every sort of assistance to those who need care, comfort and compassion but they are either old, defenseless, sick or hcorinne abbigliamento sexy akuschuhe chilloutsmutze ynotborse fracominaabiti mandarinaducksaldi diegodellapalma loevenichmutze corinne abbigliamento sexy loevenichhutkaufen lingerie super sexy tatascarpe ynotsaldi gioie-di-gea mandarinaducksaldi elpless.Volunteers are so valuable to meet the most challenging and the ever changing modern world through their devotion, love ,concern, charity, and service.Volunteers bring happiness and joy to many misfortunate and neglected people in our society who are otherwise loose hope in life and have a most desperate and meaningless life.Befriending with people who lost hope in life or under extreme desperation owing to incurable diseaseor ailments, people who lost both physical energies and mental health due to ageing or some unexpected or unforeseen event, or unbearable real life situations.

Care giving to wheel chair bound elders and all ill fated people

Care Giving {prepare food, nutrients, give medicine and care}for old living alone in Home .Befriending and Care giving for Elderly residents in Pain and Palliative center, old age Home, hospital, Individual home, and nursing home etc.Befriending, Counseling and guiding women, children or any other members of a family from the sea of sorrows due to any unexpected calamity, accident or death

Mentor or Sponsor for Youth in Distress or at Risk

Organize and conduct seminar on Breast Feeding, basic personal hygiene, good and safe drinking water, basic sanitation, nutrient supplement, school education, environmental education, ,ill effect of use of liquor and other intoxicants, teen age pregnancy,frequent pregnancy – pre natal, post natal, and neonatal care.