greetings of peace and joy in almighty lord, our god

“For no sooner has the sun risen with a burning heat than it wither it grass and beautiful appearance perishes, so the rich man will also fade away in his pursuits. True and undefiled religion before our GOD is to visit orphan and widows in their difficulties and to keep oneself unspotted to the world.”

People all over the world are working hard day and night for living or for enriching, While some people are working for themselves, many others are working as employees, still many more engaged in multiple businesses using sophisticated equipments, apply state-of-art technologies and earning enormous profit year after year. Some others engage in service sector offering world class service in multiple fields. Many more engaged in manufacturing or marketing or distributing world class products. People working as executives who worked earlier in own country goes to gulf and later to European or western countries to earn more and more. Indeed, people are working or otherwise engaged in legal or illegal activities throughout the world, day and night upholding one desire, to make more money either for their livelihood or to improve their standard of living or to become more rich and wealthy.

People are opposing and oppressing each other instead of helping and assisting, many people are seemed extremely selfish instead of being magnanimous , people are becoming mammonist instead of being generous, many people become malevolent instead of being merciful, people are behaving with malignancy instead of being loving and helping each other, people are maltreating or simply neglecting others instead of caring and loving, people are coercing, confronting, cheating and fighting each other instead of being kind and merciful. People are betraying and killing instead of serving and saving others, all for earning more money, power, wealth, position or status.

Still nobody is happy because when they compare their wealth, status, power or position with many others who are immensely rich or more powerful than them in the society, they seemed less fortunate or misfortunate and naturally become more desperate. So with deep unrest, despair and pain, people continue the endeavor to make more money by cheating, bribing, corrupting, betraying,, even killing own friends, brothers, relatives, or own parents to get more share , profit or wealth or to became more fame, gain, status , higher position or power.

Finally what is happening to all of us? Enveloped by one or multiple diseases having unbearable pain and acute sufferings, loosing mental peace and physical comfort, culminating in life threatening situation like severe hypertension, acute orthopedic disorders, persistent stomach ailments or peptic ulcers, variant blood sugar syndrome, disturbing skin disease or psychiatric disorders, bronchitis or frequent respiratory problems etc.

In fact most of this disease are manmade or outcome of own deeds, or lifestyle diseases and often occur due to unhealthy living habits, unnecessary emotional effects, frequent tensions, greed, unhealthy food habits, worry, lack of necessary physical exercise, peace of mind, regular sleeplessness, frustration, constant unrest and severe desperation.

Aging is a natural process but extremely difficult to accept. To face up the realities of fading mental and physical energies is seldom easy. The phase of creativity, achievements, glory and triumphs are now green only in memory and there is nobody to remember it all or to accept it. Everyone both in the family and the society abandons the person and no one care about them anymore.

Perturbed by the fading physical energies and enhanced emotional problem, many people are living like slaves, many more are depending in old age home, some people are leading a lonely life, few others may forced to spend the rest of life in hospital and the story continue till human exist…..Simple answer to all this problem is learn to love others. In this very short and unhappy life, material or physical pleasures have only momentous life. More money cannot fetch true happiness but add more sorrows. It can break relations, destroy all bonds, it keep on destroying anything and everything having good human values.

CMC is a non religious, not for profit, non political Charitable Trust, Incorporated in India under the Indian Trust Act 1882 for promoting diversified social welfare activities including sustainable livelihood program for alleviating the human suffering and deplorable living conditions. Further, we plan to implement various innovative and unique community welfare programmes for the empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized section of the society. I solicit your support and involvement for our noble mission so that we can bring smile of hope to many innocent face otherwise they cannot dream a bit of happiness throughout their life.

Apart from just looking after the primary requirement like food, clothing, and shelter for the poor, the Trust has ambitious plan for the proper rehabilitation and overall development of the weakened and worried members of the society. For the overall development of the children, HOME SCHOOL PROJECT is planned. Home School provides free food, accommodation, health care, education employment and training for all the needy in panchayat level irrespective of cast, creed, color, religion, language, age, sex or status.

MOBILE CLINIC PROJECT covering tribal, hilly, rural and slum areas for promoting health and hygiene of poor. To promote employment opportunities for the marginalized and poor, Co operative ventures of various category, Self help group, Agro based and labor oriented industries are to be established in Village /Panchayath /Block and Ward level. Free legal service, literacy activities, health campaign, vocational training centers and employment promotion council shall also be set up for the educational, economic, social, cultural and overall development of the most misfortunate and disadvantaged people of the society.

We live in a country which carry the largest number of leprosy patient in the world, Twenty seven percent of world‘s starving children live in India. Further, India carries the largest number of physically handicapped and mentally retarded people in the world. Besides, we have 179.6 million poorest in the world. India has the world’s largest incidence of Rabbis due to lack of effective laws. To add the agony further, millions of children die before they attain an age of five owing to poverty, malnutrition, early childhood disease, inadequate new born care or other preventable infection. The number of orphans and abandoned are rising day by day owing to communal riots, arson, physical assault, sexual harassment and abuse, or other social and natural calamities.

Indeed, there is no joy in life like joy of sharing, when millions of fellow brothers are just existing day by day with an empty stomach and thirsting throat having no hope for tomorrow. Let us share each other and bring happiness for everyone in our society. Let us hope for a new era where everyone have a better and meaningful life.

In a world torn by hatred and animosity, let us bring the joy of oneness and brotherhood. .

May the Lord, our GOD be with you now, ever and forever?

With lot of love, regards and prayers.

Affectionately yours,

Joseph P.J

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