Vocational Training (Apprenticeship) in Germany called AUSBLDUNG is a training program for non academic profession where the participants receive necessary skill and knowledge for their professional activity. They work and study simultaneously and earn a monthly stipend during the entire program.

Vocational training is a very popular way to start working life right after the school studies. This happens due to duel system ie, the student work and study at the same time. Further the participants spent 50 to 70% of their time in the companies / institutions where they are attached and the rest in the special schools. The duration of the program may vary from profession to profession or trade, however upon completing the program the trainee will receive a certificate and the skilled person can work as an expert in the same organization or in another establishment of their choice.

After changes in the immigration law of Germany in March 2020 people from Non European countries have better opportunities for education and employment in the country. Based on the current legislation, even after the vocational training the foreigners can continue to stay in the country in order to work in their respective profession.

Documents required for Apprenticeship visa : SSLC - HSC – German language, A1 & A2 –Maximum age limit 25 – Financial proof 600 – 700 EUR for a month, Health insurance–Accommodation.

The average salary of a Trainee during apprenticeship may vary between 600 to 1200 EUR depend on the profession, trade and place of posting

A lot of German organizations across all industries and service sectors are currently looking for trainees. The shortage and the demand are very big and ever increasing. In the year 2020, alone around 68000 apprentice in vocational training Centers could not fill due to non availabilities of trainees This means Germany simply does not have required number of trained professional and the situation getting worse year after year. Salary structure of Germany is one of the highest in the world.


  • Application processing
  • Arrange Vocational /apprenticeship training Program in Germany
  • Documentation work / assistance for qualification recognition
  • Language coaching - German A1 & A2, IELTS in India and B1 & B2 in Germany
  • Hostel Booking in Germany
  • Medical Health Insurance
  • City Registration Assistance in Germany
  • Visa processing
  • Local bank account opening assistance
  • Air ticket booking and airport pick up in Germany


The formal education is the most popular contemporary education practice in most of the under developed or developing countries in the world where instructional program and learning strategies take place within the four wall of the school system. It runs from pre primary to tertiary institution.

In the sphere of informal section, vocation education is seen as a system in which every individual acquire attitude, value, skill and knowledge from daily experience, it influence and resources in their future growth and development.. The non formal vocational education consists of remedial, continuous, vocational, aesthetic, cultural and civic education for youth and little aged outside the formal school. There is no doubt that education is a fundamental tool for human growth and development, it enables every individual to excel in every front of human activities and overall development. Social welfare and community development is a broad term used in various practice from policy to planning and action by different stakeholders from civic leaders to NGOs, business group and individual citizens.

Education place key role in the prosperity of human race because it provide adequate knowledge and skill that requires to adapt to changes and through this process the individual, society and the environment are being transformed simultaneously. Amongst the fast growing economy of South East Asia, there is a strong emphasis on policies to improve and expand education. Vocational education has been part of an intervention to increase people’s productivity and increase the workforce capacity so as to improve individual and the group’s productivity, profitability and prosperity..

Many developed and developing countries have viewed this as novel way to transform into modernization. The globalization and technology changes has driven strong demand for specific skill development. Besides, enhancing economic development, vocational education closely linked with human need such as freedom, equity, co operation and empowerment to fulfill the individual potential. The impact of vocational training in the economic, social, environmental, cultural, emotional and physical aspects is quite crucial for sustainable community development.


Golden opportunity for thousands of HSC / Diploma / Degree holders in India to join Vocational Training Program in any trade or profession depends on their will and choice with substantial earning even during study.

It is a rare, unexpected and winning opportunity to learn , earn and live in a country of unlimited opportunities ,which host many of world ranking, century old, public funded Universities & Research Centers, top-ranking industrial giants, world most popular and leaders in engineering, mechanical, medical and scientific enterprises

Wonderful opportunity to get large amount of scholarship from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service,) depends on merit and language proficiency. DAAD is the largest scholarship provider in the world.

The country is endowed with buzzing cities packed with historical monuments, art galleries and vibrant night life. It is a liberal, safe and welcoming country with full of diversity and opportunities. . The cost of living is surprisingly low compared with neighboring European countries. The economy is highly developed, the largest national income in Europe and forth largest in the world. It works closely with international community to reduce poverty and promote sustainable social welfare, food security, peace and human right among other goals. Driven by strong employment and record export growth, the German economy has been showing a consistent growth record and become the best performer among G 20 counterpart. As Europe .leading powerhouse and the world’s fourth largest economy, Germany has shown the world a winning formula and FRANKFURT is positioning itself as Europe’s next financial capital and super power going to rule the world economy

In Germany there is a special way of learning a trade or profession known as the duel learning system. As part of the duel learning system, you will attend class in a vocational school and receive on the-job training at a company or organization depends on the trade or profession. Vocational Training consists of theory class and practical activities. Normally, candidates will have three days of theory class and two days of practical. The duration of the course is three years and the student will get payment every month for the practical work as per the contract.

  • Twice the fun with theory and practical
  • Vocational training program in Germany offer a lot of variety. It combines both theory and practical right from the beginning till the end of program
  • Young talent has a high demand in various companies / institutions across all sectors and in all branches. Therefore your chance of securing a place in Vocational Training is excellent. In the year 2020 alone 67420 positions of trainees could not be filled due to the shortage of applicant.
  • Learn and earn: When you start a Vocational Training program in Germany you will earn money in the day from one. Company will pay you a stipend for the work you do as a part of your course.
  • Good chance of being offered a permanent job
  • This training program offer you unlimited opportunity to enter into the German labor market
  • Around two third of the Trainees will get permanent job with their respective organization immediately after completing the course. Upon completing the training, you are qualified in the profession/ trade, can earn good salary and plan for permanent settlement.
  • Good career prospect: Vocational training program make you fit for the future as professional with training qualification are in high demand in the German Labor market. In some field candidates with vocational qualification are much sought after than university graduates. Therefore it is a unique opportunity for unemployed and ambitious youngsters to plan for a future – a future with full of promises and a career once you dreamed.


Who are above 18 years of age and has passed Higher Secondary equitant program with good grade, not less than 70% mark in aggregate can start your program in Germany. The country is looking young, ambitious, committed, hard working and open minded students who wanted to pursue vocational qualification and employment.


Geriatric Nursing Design Asst Health & Child Nursing Commercial Asst Commercial Specialist Hearing Care Asst
Hotel Manager Bank Clerk Industrial Electrician Industrial Clerk Industrial Mechanic Business Man
Paper Technician Media Designer Media Technician Milk Technician Food Inspecto Pasty Chef
Tourist Asst Surgical Technician Orthopedic Technician Printing Technician Labor Market Specialist Information –specialist
Computer Technician Fruit process technician Courier Technician Postal Technician Gardening Specialist Photo Graphics
Air Traffic Controller Aircraft Mechanic Optician Technician Vehicle Painter Food Sales man Vehicle Painter
Swimming pool Technician Warehouse Technician Logisyic Technician Plant Mechanic Anesthesiology Technician Optometry Technician
Building Material Technician Draftsman Book Binder Occupation Therapist Pharmacist Baker

German government offer 130 field for vocational training program


  • German Language Training A1 & A2
  • Application Processing
  • Verification of Contract B1 & B2
  • Accommodation Arrangement
  • Medical & Health Insurance
  • Local Bank A/c opening Assistance
  • Visa Processing
  • Ticket Booking
  • Documentation work in Germany
  • City Registration in Germany
  • German Language coaching /exam
  • Block Account
  • Higher Education Assistance
  • Airport pickup service


Germany is the one and only country in the universe to offer higher education absolutely free of cost. You can study in any branch of medicine, nursing, paramedical, engineering , management, commerce, law, business, IT, or any other branch of your choice absolutely free of cost except some private universities which charges exorbitant fee that cover tuition fee and other incidental expense.

Universities anywhere in the world, especially the Universities in the Europe and western countries charge tuition fee up to three times of their citizen tuition fee. Similarly other fee are also little bit higher. German government consider education should not be considered as a commercial product hence the term profit does not come to that subject. Education is the base for acquiring knowledge and skill which empower the individual to attain social security that enable the society and the country to prosper and overall human development.

So education should not be limited to those who have the capacity to pay or able to fund for education, which in turn create inequality of income distribution among people in the society and hamper overall development of a nation. So the government in the recent years understood the economic and social impact of education and employment hence enacted new immigration law which empower the foreigners to get trained and migrate to the country. Accordingly now the country is prepared to accept the smartest and efficient young minds to study, work and migrate for themselves with family and for the country..

Moreover, the Universities in the country are best in the world and most of them come under the top 200 universities in the world, and most of them are devoted for research and development rather than just academic programs. A degree from the universities is recognized and accepted all over the world.

DAAD, the largest scholarship provider in the world are created and funded by German government gives scholarship to the meritorious students for their higher studies in the country. Many a time full study scholarship scheme covering tuition fee, expenditure for food, accommodation, travel, local conveyance fall under the scheme. Every foreign student can work up to 80 hours in a week and which further give opportunity for a student to earn between Rs. 48000 to Rs. 80000 in a month.

Regardless of the country of origin, international students in Germany can stay back there for employment. Once they get permanganate employment they are eligible to apply for permanent residence permit.

First and most important steps you can take to prepare yourself for your life in Germany are learning German language. It enable every aspirant to work , live and settle in more quickly and facilitate to get good job and making new friends early settlement. For any purposes, ie, work or studying, it may even be necessary for you to provide evidence of your language skills. Proof of a certain level of language proficiency is also necessary for applying for a visa in many cases:

In certain job like computer professionals, even though, a candidate do not require to prove language skills for job, passing of language exams and certification will give more opportunity for a candidate to improve the chances applying and getting a job with more financial benefit and better career prospects. Language proficiency is considered as employee’s commitments, efficiency and dedication

Besides, if you are a health professional and look for an opportunity in healthcare sector, knowledge of the German language is mandatory. You will need an official language certificate from a recognized language centre, Depending on the German federal state, level B1 or B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language is mandatory. Similarly, as a rule, joining spouses from asian countries must provide evidence of basic knowledge of the German language when applying for a visa. Generally, German language skills at level A1 of the CEFR are required here. However, there are numerous exceptions,

If you are applying for a German-language degree programme in Germany, you must prove that you have the language skills required by the higher education institution in the form of an official certificate. As a rule, prospective trainees must also be able to speak the required level of German to start their training in Germany.

Levels B1 and B2: Here is where you will learn German at an advanced level., will expand your language skills and after completing level B2 you will be able to pursue

Levels C1 and C2: These levels are German at the highest standard. At the end of these courses, you will have mastered German almost as well as people who have grown up speaking the language, i.e. near-native competence.


Owing to the excellent living conditions in Germany, a considerable proportion of the population enjoys good health well into old age. However, with increasing life expectancy and an aging society, combined with the decreasing number of young people beginning their professional career, the demand for professional nursing as well as basic medical care is rising. Germany does have a stable healthcare and wellness system.

However, nursing professionals remain to be in high demand and their contribution is more important than ever, hospitals, nursing homes, care giving homes and other care facilities are always on the lookout for nursing personnel with various levels of qualification in order to meet the increasing demand in the healthcare and nursing professions. This demand is predicted to increase in the following years.

As a nurse, you will take care of people and support them in every phase of their life, which includes the following areas of responsibility:

  • Patient care
  • Pediatric nursing (caring for children)
  • Geriatric nursing (care of the elderly)

Normal responsibilities of a Nurse includes independent observation, guidance, support and care of patients, both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Additionally, you may also document and evaluate nursing measures, as well as carry out medical instructions and assist with medical interventions. However, that will depend on your individual specialization and qualification. While being a member of nursing staff, you are a competent contact person for members of the patient’s family.

Entry requirements for international nursing professionals

The Nursing aspirants must have official authorization to practice their profession. As a rule, the following formal requirements must be met in order to be permitted to work in the nursing profession in Germany: Recognized qualification: The nursing qualification obtained in your country of origin must be recognized in Germany. The competent authority for your case will check whether your qualification is equivalent to German qualifications. If this is not the case, you could take an assessment test or go through an adaptation period to prove an equivalent level of knowledge. The application for professional recognition can be submitted to the competent authority in the state in which you intend to work in. The German professional recognition obtained is valid nationwide.

Sufficient knowledge of the German language: Depending on the state, you will have to be competent on a level equivalent to the B2 or B1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Medical fitness: You must prove – through certification by a German doctor – that you are physically and mentally healthy and are therefore suitable for a job in the nursing profession.

Personal suitability/Trustworthiness: In order to prove your trustworthiness, you will require proof that you do not have a criminal record. Depending on your situation, providing a certificate of good conduct from your country of origin or a German certificate of conduct (Führungszeugnis) is sufficient.